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Phil Rose says posture is important when jogging.

Jog leader Phil Rose – 'aka Finess Phil' – offers us regular tips you can use when out jogging. Here, he discusses the benfits of maintaining a good posture while on the move.

Posture is key

A good, efficient running posture is key to successful injury-free jogging and running, so we should all think about it before we strap the trainers on.

Good posture while standing and walking is also imperative, and will translate into your running. You can't have a bad standing and walking posture and a good running one – they are all connected.

Use the bracing sequence

The bracing sequence is what's needed to help in this process and brings us back into a natural position, with spine in a neutral curve, pelvis level (not tilted) and weight evenly-distributed over feet that are facing forward.

To do this, stand up and look directly in front of you, inhale through the nose while lifting and rolling back your shoulders. Exhale through the mouth and relax the shoulders down, they should now be in a relaxed natural position.

Check your pelvis and belly button position

Look at your pelvis sideways on in a mirror. Is it tilted forward? Imagine your pelvis is a bowl; if it tilts forward, water will spill out. It will also drain away power from the hips when running.

Now Imagine your belly button is the top of a piece of string. Pull the belly button in and up towards your rib cage. This will level your pelvis.

Practice your movements

You should practice these movements as much as possible and before long you will naturally assume them as natural positions. It's great for your health all round.

If you sit for long periods this is especially great to reset your posture. Every 30 minutes or so, stand up and do the sequence. You can see the video for the sequence at www.fitnessphil.co.uk

Any questions?

Have any questions? Email Phil at hello@fitnessphil.co.uk