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From tears to cheers for Oakwood's Sue

Sue Charlton started running to get fit for her wedding.

Oakwood Joggers member Sue Charlton has wanted to get fit for her wedding and found the Derby group the perfect spur to help her do it.

I had never run in my life

"After getting engaged towards the end of last year and setting a date for the wedding next year, I decided it was time to do something about my weight and fitness.

"I had had bad experiences with the gym, which included leaving a class in tears after feeling that I was unable to do it, and was offered no support.

"My friend went online and found the JOG Derbyshire site, and we both decided to join the Jog Oakwood group, even though I have never run in my life and was very scared!

"When we joined the group back in February, we were made very welcome and after the first run actually decided to go back. This was despite me being asthmatic and struggling with my breathing whilst I ran, but I didn't give up.

Sue found it hard at first but was rewarded for her perseverance.

Jog group were so supportive

"For a couple of months, I stayed with the 1/1 group (one minute run, one minute walk), but was gently encouraged by the leaders to move up to the 2/1 (two minute run, one minute walk) group as they could see how much I had progressed (even though I couldn't see it!) Moving up to the 2/1 group, I felt I had achieved so much.

"Then my partner and myself were dealt with the blow that we would not be able to get IVF treatment (as we are trying for a baby,) unless I Iowered my BMI. As you can imagine, this was so hard to take in, but I still refused to give up.

"I went to the jog group and chatted to the leaders about my circumstances, and they were so supportive and really encouraged me.

Sue Charlton pictured with Jog Oakwood leaders.

Progressing to parkrun

"I then ran my first parkrun at Long Eaton (with the help of Teresa) and ran the 5k in 41 minutes.

"Recently, I ran my second parkrun and achieved a personal best of 39 minutes. I am also just under three stone lighter and no longer feeling like 'the fat girl running'.

"I just want to be able to inspire others and show them that running IS for everyone, and just to get out there and do it.

"I would not be where I am now without the group and could not imagine my life without them!"

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