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Jog Leader Dan out to inspire

The new Friday night JOG Derbyshire group, Loscoe Running Club.

Dan Coleman hopes to use his own personal experiences to motivate jogging first-timers to get off the sofa and give it a go with his new Friday evening JOG Derbyshire Group.

The 62-year-old has set up the Loscoe Running Club to cater for those of any age or ability who want to get their weekend off to an active start.

Dan, whose group meets at 5.50pm in the Sir John Warren car park opposite Loscoe Foods to run between 6pm and 7pm, has come through the JOG Derbyshire system himself, having run with the William Greggers group at Heanor.

Now he is keen to help others follow in his footsteps by improving their fitness and at the same time enjoying the camaraderie of a group activity.

'I couldn't walk comfortably'

Dan was urged to lose weight by his wife.

"A few years ago I was 17-and-a-half stone and I couldn't comfortably walk up and down the street. Now I'm under 14 stone," said Dan, of Loscoe, who is a Fire Risk Assessor at the Denby Depot of Derbyshire County Council.

"We were going away and my wife said we ought to lose some weight, by which she meant I ought to lose some weight!

"We started walking and then I started power walking, after which I joined the JOG Derbyshire group in Heanor.

"I'm absolutely loving it and try to set an example by showing what can be done. It gives you great satisfaction to see people progress and enter runs – almost more than jogging and running yourself!

Trying to make it fun

Dan pictured with fellow Jog Leader Garry Shaw, who is also a jog leader and assist him with his Wednesday group (The Zone).

"I hope it inspires them that I am 63 in February. I try to make it fun for everyone and have little games where people don't even realise they are exercising."

Dan has previously led a jogging group on Saturday mornings, but is optimistic he will get more attendees now he has switched to a Friday night.

He also runs The Zone Running Club JOG Derbyshire session every Wednesday between 6pm and 7pm, starting from Heanor.

He added: "I found before that people could often not make it because they may have been out doing doing other things on a Saturday.

Friday night switch

The Loscoe runners are shaping up well.

"Someone asked me if I had ever thought of switching it to Friday nights, which I had never given a thought, but we've given it a go and it seems to be going well.

"We had 14 joggers for the first session. I don't think there are any others on a Friday evening in the area, so it stands to do well."

Dan's session are £1 for over 16s and free for children aged between 12 and 16, provided they are accompanied by an adult.

He believes they are an ideal way to help people get fit on the run-in to Christmas, whether they have previous experience of jogging or not.

"At the moment we are on the Charles Hill Sports Field, but we will take to the streets eventually but will have plenty of headlamps when we do," he said.

A group aimed at all abilities

"This group is aimed at all abilities, and those looking to make the move from walking to jogging are particularly welcome.

"They are all a friendly bunch and some can run eight-minute miles and some 16-minute miles – it doesn't matter what your speed is."

Click to find out more about Loscoe Running Club or contact Dan via daniel.coleman4803@yahoo.co.uk or 07771 346117.

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