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Keeping Up with the Kids!

Jane and Ian Travers with their family.

Jog Derbyshire member, Jane Travers started jogging because she didn't want to be a mum who couldn't keep up with her kids. The Tors Beginners/ Runners group member recently completed her first ever 10k event in Derby, crossing the finish line in one hour and seven minutes.

Her husband, Ian, is the leader of the Crich based jogging group and along with their two children, Oliver and Charlie, they enjoy exercising together as a family. Both boys completed the 3k running race on the day of the Derby 10k event and Jane said they made their mum very proud.

Here, 42 year old mum of two explains more about her jogging inspiration and fitness regime...

Achieving something I didn't think I could do

Crossing the finish line of the Derby 10k and having achieved something I didn't thing I could do was the most enjoyable thing about the event.

The day itself was quite nerve-wracking, as although we knew we could do the distance and although we had been down previously to jog around the course there was the fear of 'what if?'.

Support from Jog Derbyshire

Ian has always said that the Derby 10k is a good first 10k race to do as it is flat, so I asked him if he thought that we would be able to do it and 'definitely yes' was the response.

So with the guidance from Ian about how far we should be running each week, the training began.

Ian has been great answering all sorts of questions and being there motivating when needed - especially up hills - he gets lots of 'I can't run up hills' but it has definitely helped having a goal to work towards.

My Jogging Journey

I always said that I couldn't run. I also didn't want to be the one struggling at the back. But I joined Jog Derbyshire with a friend (Sara) and we started off jogging and walking encouraged by Ian.

You quickly get up to jogging without stopping. After a while we were able to run for 3k without stopping. It's great running with other people because on my own I would have walked but because you are all together you keep going.

I would definitely encourage people to join a group - everyone is really friendly and we all encourage each other. It makes a real difference running with other people. I was one of those people who said I would never be able to run a 10k.

Sara and Jane at the finish.

Keeping it in the Family

Both Charlie (12) and Oliver (8) thoroughly enjoyed the 3k. Charlie regularly runs with Archie (Sara's eldest) and when they are out together they never stop talking!

So they ran the 3k together. Oliver decided he wanted to win a medal and ran with Ian (he did a quick number change after completing the 10k).

Oliver even managed to run all the way around without stopping. He told me afterwards that he could have run faster but daddy kept telling me to go steady! Both did really well and made their mum very proud. They are both planning to run it again next year but faster.

Fitting Exercise In

Like most families you have to fit exercise in around family life. The good thing about running is that you can do it any time, day or night to fit around everyone else. That one of the things I have always struggled with - I always put everyone else and everything else first but with running you can just put your shoes on and off you go.

I think that it is important that kids find something that they enjoy doing that will keep them fit. Charlie and Oliver seem to enjoy doing lots of different things at the moment.

Whilst training for the 10k, Ian took me for a run around Carsington Water. We all went together, Ian and I running and the kids on their bikes. I definitely feel better in myself - the boys are still faster and have bags more energy but I'm out there with them! We are currently looking at where our next 10k will be.

Find your 'Reason for Running'

Ian added: "It is all about helping people find their 'reason' for running - and it will be different for everyone. It's then about gentle steps, ever increasing the confidence in their ability, from jog/walk, to jog, then from 20 minutes to 30 and so on.

It's here that you can see people's self-belief kicking in and believing that they can achieve more. Our role is then to help with the mechanics of varied training and 'thinking the right way' about running, supporting, encouraging, and keeping it FUN.

And you can tell when folks are there - because the dark evenings, cold mornings, rain and snow don't get in the way of getting out there!"

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