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Everyone active, enjoying sport
and achieving their personal best

Leader in focus: Claire Mosson

Claire Mosson backing the This Girl Can campaign.

Starting up the Pink Plodders

When Claire Mosson started Pink Plodders as a single group in Chellaston in 2013, it was set up to address a local demand to get active in a relaxed environment.

Two years in, the group has expanded to boast two leaders and three co-leaders running two different sessions, helping people of different ages and abilities move more.

Claire, 38, is now looking forward to taking part in Jog Into January when the Plodders will be one of more than 20 Jog Derbyshire groups welcoming new starters.

New year, new start

"It's so often a new year, new start for people and I would urge anyone to come and try it once if they are determined to do something about their fitness. Just give us two weeks and then see if you are converted," said Claire.

"We normally have new starters at four points during the year – January, March or April, June and September – but it's in the New Year that we see people really wanting to start afresh.

"With the specific new starter sessions we start from scratch in week one with walking alongside jogging and then build it up. Someone in the group will always stay with everyone.

Some of the Pink Plodders.

'People think they can't do it - they can!'

"The main obstacle is that people think they can't do it, that they can run, but providing they can put one fun in front of the other, they can. We try to support and cajole so that it's not scary.

"Most people come and make friends pretty quickly and a big pointer to the success of that is that they end up running together outside of the JOG group as well, or they go out on their own because it has given them the confidence."

Claire has been fund raising for Breast Cancer Research.

Leading from the front

Claire's experience of jogging and running herself has proven invaluable during her time as a leader.

She has run the London Marathon in the past and has been particularly busy this year supporting Breast Cancer Research, raising £600 through a variety of physical challenges

She added: "I first started jogging when I was bet that I couldn't run a 10k. I then went on to do half marathons and a marathon.

Plodder dye run selfies.

The buzz from helping others

"I wanted to do it for Breast Cancer Research as I had two very close friends diagnosed with it who got very poorly very quickly with the chemotherapy, so I thought I would help by putting myself through my own little bit of sufferring."

Claire is now training to be a personal trainer and gets a real buzz out of helping others to get active, whatever their level.

"For me there is no greater pleasure than watching people who you have helped finish a run, whether that's their first week at a jog group , realising they can do it, or running a first 5k" she said.

Find out more

If you are interested in joining the Pink Plodders, email Claire at pinkplodders@gmail.com and find out more on the facebook page pinkplodderschellaston

You can also find your nearest JOG Derbyshire group and sign up.