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One You

What is One You?

One You is a ground-breaking new campaign from Public Health England to help the nation's adults, especially those between the ages of 40 and 60-years-old, avoid future diseases caused by modern day lifestyles.

Everyday habits and behaviours - such as eating too much unhealthy food, drinking more alcohol than is recommended, continuing to smoke and not being active enough – are responsible for around 40% of all deaths in England, and cost the NHS more than £11 billion a year.

Taking control of your health

One You aims to encourage adults, particular those in middle age, to take control of their health to enjoy significant benefits now, and in later life. It also provides information on how you can reduce your stress levels and sleep better.

Reduced health in later life is not inevitable. Older people can live as well as young people by making relatively small changes to their habits and lifestyles.

Because There's Only One You

watch the promotional video for the nationwide One You campaign, launched in March 2016.

How Are You?... find out

The One You campaign invites adults to take How Are You?, an online health quiz that assesses your current behaviours and shows which areas you should look to change.

'How Are You' asks how you are feeling and gets you to think about your levels of activity, your diet, alcohol intake and whether you smoke.

You can then access free, online tools designed to help them make changes in the areas where you most need to take action.

Take the How Are You quiz.

Stats to make you think

  • Living healthily in middle age can double your chances of being healthy when you are 70.
  • 40% (192,470 deaths) of all the deaths in England are related to people's behaviour.
  • Drinking alcohol, smoking, overweight and obesity cost the NHS at over £11bn each year.
  • In 2013, 42% of females and males, aged 45 to 64, reported a long standing illness or disability.
  • Moderate obesity reduces life expectancy by an average of three years, while morbid obesity reduces life expectancy by eight to 10 years. This eight to 10 year loss of life is equivalent to the effects of lifelong smoking.
  • The direct cost to the NHS of obesity and people being overweight is estimated at £6.1bn (2014/15).

Six key areas for One You focus

Our busy lives often means our own health is at the bottom of our list of priorities, but it's important to take time to look after yourself as not only will you feel the benefits but so will your family.

Modern day life means it's never felt easier to eat bigger portions and to get to the end of the day and realise you've been sat down for most of it.

One You is here to help you make the right changes by looking at six key areas detailed below.

1) Eat well

One You provides lots of tips and recipes whether you're trying to lose weight, get in shape or just live a healthier life.

You cownload the free Easy Meals app for over a hundred delicious and simple meal ideas to get you eating foods that are healthier for you.

Click for other things to consider about your diet.

2) Move more

To stay healthy it's recommended you do at least 150 minutes of moderate activity every week.

This can easily be broken down to five sessions of 30 minutes of aerobic
activity such as cycling or fast walking.

Click for other things to consider about moving more.

3) Become smoke free

If you smoke, quitting is one of the best things you'll ever do for your health.

Every cigarette you smoke increases your risk of developing diseases like heart disease, cancer and stroke.

Click for other things to consider about being smoke free.

4) Drink less alcohol

It's easy to let drinking sneak up on you and you may be drinking more alcohol than you realise.

Reduce your risks by knowing how much alcohol you are drinking and make sure you don't drink more than the lower risk guidelines.

Men and women are advised not to drink more than 14 units of alcohol a week. This is the same as six pints of average strength beer a week.

Click for other things to consider about drinking less alcohol.

5) Check ourselves

If you're aged over 40 you can get a free NHS Health Check, which is a great way to check your health and get personalised advice on keeping yourself healthy and active.

Click for other things to consider about checking yourself.

6) Lower stress

Lots of things can cause stress, like work, relationships and money problems.

Stress can affect how you feel, think, behave and how your body works – from how well you sleep to your immune system. Long-term stress puts your health at risk.

Other things to consider about lowering stress.

Do you want to find out more?

Visit the One You website to discover more about the campaign and how it can help you.