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Everyone active, enjoying sport
and achieving their personal best

Perform and Excel

Compete regularly to see real improvements.

Great opportunities

If you really find that you are enjoying your running, like racing or doing events, or want the camaraderie of a club, there are some great opportunities across Derbyshire. Search here for your local club.

Once you're competing regularly, you'll see some real improvements in your performance. There's lots of support out there for you to reach your potential. Whatever level you're at, or however old you are, consider a bit of coaching. It will really help you to get the most out of your running, and will improve your performance.

A support system is in place for some of Derbyshire's top athletes.

Reaching the top?

Our ICON programme offers bursaries and free gym membership to local talented athletes. Read more to find out if you qualify.

The Derbyshire Institute of Sport offers tailored support to athletes as they aim for Olympic Development Programmes. Find out more here.