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Q&A with Staveley King George V Bowling Club

Staveley King George V Bowls Club.

1) Why did you decide to apply to Sport England’s Inspired Facilities Fund?

As a group we considered many routes to fund our long term project to preserve and develop our game within King George V playing fields, we sought and received funds from, Local council, Borough Council, County Council and local businesses.

We chose Sport England's Inspired Facilities fund for our biggest part of the project because our Aims fitted closely to theirs and we knew they had funded other similar projects.

2) What was the hardest thing about the application process?

The hardest part of the application process was collating all the information required to evidence that we fulfilled the criteria required for a successful bid, we had most of the information but not necessarily in the proper format, waiting for a decision was also incredibly hard.

3) Did you find anything easy about the application process?

The whole process was easy to understand, filling the application in on line allowed our small management team to discuss and consider our responses in our own time, filling in one section and the moving on to the next.

We could also revisit our responses and amend or improve the quality of the answer.

4) How long did it take you to develop your bid?

We took about 3 months to put our first bid together but this application failed due to some fairly minor omissions, in our second application we took a lot of the information from our first bid, updated the info and strengthened the areas that caused the previous failure.

5) What support did you get from other people?

In the early stages we sought advice from a number of different groups and organisations including, Chesterfield Borough Council, Edwina Archer, Funding Development Officer for Derbyshire Sport, Bolsover District Bowls Development Association and our local Bowls Associations.

6) Did you get any advice or guidance from Sport England?

We were made aware that there was a case officer looking after our application, Crispin Clarke, we sought and received guidance all the way though the process, communicating via Phone and email.

7) What are the most important things to focus on?

The bid process should not be looked at as just a means to secure funds for any given project, the process allowed us to look at 'who we were', 'what we wanted to achieve' and gave us a framework in which to meet our aims. The most important factors for us were:

  • Proving that there was a need for our project.
  • Showing that we had local support.
  • Showing that we could sustain and develop our sport within the local community.
  • Showing our commitment to introduce our sport into local schools.

8) If there is one single piece of advice you could give?

To take advantage of all the help that is available!

9) Overall, did you have a positive experience?

Very much so, future applications will not look so daunting.

10) How will the funding help?

This funding will not only secure our sport in our area for the future but will make the games more comfortable for participants and spectators.

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Need help to apply for Inspired Facilities Funding?

Read our handy guidance information attached below.