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Everyone active, enjoying sport
and achieving their personal best

Starting Out

At Jog Derbyshire, we try to make it easier to get started.

Those all-important first steps

Joining a group can seem quite daunting at first, but our network of friendly jogging groups - with more than 90 based all over Derbyshire - will soon help you get fitter and be more active by starting to jog regularly.

If you're thinking about joining a Group, you may have a few questions, so we've tried to answer everything you may need to know…

Will I be able to keep up?

Absolutely! No pace is too slow. All our group are led by fully qualified Jog Leaders and assistant Co Leaders who are experienced in accommodating beginners. Sessions are structured to suit a range of abilities and no one is ever left behind!

Can I bring my family along?

Most of our groups welcome anyone from 12+. Some groups do request that participants are aged 18+ while there are others that accept children if they are accompanied by an adult. Check out our group pages to find out more about the group you are interested in joining.

Will everyone else know each other?

Probably not! Many participants come on their own and then meet people along the way. Jogging is very sociable, and there's always plenty of time to chat, so they're ideal if you've moved to a new area, if you're trying to meet new people, or if you just want to try a new activity.

What should I wear?

Something comfortable and a pair of well-fitting trainers. Perhaps the biggest appeal of jogging is how cheap it is! Clothing and trainers do not need to be flash and expensive. We would recommend that clothing is lightweight and seasonably appropriate - you are likely to get warm and maybe a little sweaty whatever the weather! Most of all wear a smile on your face and your very best 'can-do' attitude!

What should I bring?

Yourself and a bottle of water!

I haven't exercised for years – where do I start?!

Start by deciding you are going to do this, choose a group, and turn up! No experience is needed! We often hear participants say they haven't exercised since school (and sometime avoided it then!) It really doesn't matter. Jog Derbyshire is here to help you get active and have some fun while you are doing it!

I have a disability or injury; can I still join in?

For sure! All our groups are fully inclusive and everyone is welcomed. If you have any specific needs we recommend that you contact the Jog Leader before your first session and if you have an injury we would advise also speaking to your doctor before attending.

Is there a charge?

Some of our leaders charge a small fee of no more than £2 per session. These fees are often put back into the group to cover the cost of resources such as reflective bands, t shirts and medals amongst other things.

Who do I contact if I need to ask something?

You can head to our group pages and use our online group search to find the group you would like to join. On each group page, you will find contact details for the Jog Leader who will be happy to answer any queries you may have. Or, you can contact our Jog Derbyshire Coordinators, lucy@jogderbyshire - North Derbyshire and Cat @jogderbyshire – South Derbyshire.

Do I need to book before attending?

No! Our Leaders always welcome phone calls or emails from newcomers prior to their first session to answer any questions or to talk more about what to expect from the group. However, this is not a necessity, you can just turn up and jog!

Take a look at our Facebook or Twitter page to learn more about what we do and join the conversation

Be inspired

You can find out more about how JOG Derbyshire has inspired people across the county to get out and get jogging through our Inspire Me: case studies.

Find a jog group near you

It's all about making new friends with people of similar fitness levels rather than competition and chasing personal bests.

To find your nearest jog group, use our online group search. You can also urge a friend to get involved through the #MyChallenge campaign. Click on the link to sign up.